Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Puppy Weekend

So, if you read any of my tweets you will know that Andrew and I puppy sat for my aunt and uncle this weekend. They got a new puppy, Spinner, on Easter and he is now 3 months.
Here are a few photos of our excursion starting at the top left. I went to work Saturday morning and while we were there he was in that position which I thought was super cute. Then, back at his house playing fetch. I think you can tell which is the after shot. Later, lounging with auntie and uncle. Then, cooking with Uncle Andrew. And lastly the shot of sheer depression after he'd been kicked off the couch. Don't you feel sorry for him? We didn't.
Anyways, it was a nice weekend, we wish we would have had more time to "play house" as I called it, but are scheduled again to puppy sit the end of July! Let's hope the potty training is all the way done and the biting/scratching is all finished up too!


  1. He is soooo cute! Caleb and I had so much fun looking at the pictures (remember he was a dalmatian for halloween).

    PS I LOVE your cupcake pants!!! That is so something I would buy :)

  2. Where'd my comment go?? I was SAYING! I LOVE the puppy! And you guys are so CUTE! A couple of hot-ties!

  3. ADORABLE!!!!!!! I can't get enough of that little spotty face!

  4. What a great name! He's such an adorable puppy!!!

    Also, I love the first picture. Very creative angle =)