Thursday, May 14, 2009

Officially a College Graduate

I'm all done! The whole school thing? Over!
Here are some pictures from graduation on May 9th. I'll start from the top: My school, me in front avoiding putting on the cap, waiting in line for my name to be called, after receiving the diploma case*, after graduation with my parents, back at the party with my grandparents who funded the whole school ordeal, with my uncle who played bartender for the party, with Andrew's aunt and uncle who initially introduced us 5 years ago, a picture Andrew took of me, me with both Andrew and his twin brother**, just Andrew and I, me apparently not knowing what to open next after most everyone had gone, the cake with raspberry filling(!), a shot of my leis and lastly them hanging.
The weather was gorgeous and I am so, so glad we had the party that day as it was the only sunny day of the week. Lots of people were able to come and I think everyone had a good time. So, I am now officially a college graduate. Scary! My major is business administration with an economics minor and a management concentration. I'm on the search for a job now so keep your fingers crossed about that!
I must say though, the gown did me no justice at all. I really am not as huge as it makes me look! Sorry I haven't posted lately, but I was really overwhelmed at the thought of posting graduation photos without editing them, but oh well. You all are getting what I have ready now and that's about it! Hope all has been well with you!
*They'll mail be the actual thing soon.
**They really are twins, I promise. Just look nothing alike.


  1. Congratulations!! You look great, we all know graduation gowns aren't the most flattering "dress" lol Glad you've had a wonderful week!

  2. YAY! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Sometimes I wonder if there's any better feeling than the relief of knowing you've accomplished something like a college degree. Well done on getting to this point =)