Wednesday, September 23, 2009

26 Months

Today is 26 months for Andrew and I.

Before we hit two years every month on the 23rd I would say "happy (insert number of months)!" in the morning. Now though, it just seems kind of dumb. I mean, after two years what's the point? And, it's not like Andrew thinks of that on the 23rd of each month. But really, though, if we make it to say 80 months how weird would that be? "Good morning, oh and hey, happy 80 months!" A bit obsessive I think.

Maybe I'll just stick to half years. Yeah, that sounds better.

How do you and your anniversary mate do things? I assume most of you are married so it's the once a year reminder, right?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What We Did Last Night

So this is what we did last night. Can you tell? I think things are pretty self explanatory! I like the photo on the bottom left of the biggest layout, how it's blurred quite a bit. I call it "Follow the Leader". It was about dusk so not the optimal time for taking photos, but when the shutter speed was so slow from not having the flash on it tracked the motion which I think looks pretty neat.
And, Andrew cut down his first tree! Anyways, that was about it. We didn't get to play catch which was a bummer, but we did get to see our favorite Monday night shows! Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and the new one, Accidentally on Purpose. Andrew's not sure about that one yet, but I liked it.

Grace in Small Things - Four

1. Yesterday morning when Andrew left it was 40 degrees, this morning it was 60.

2. A beautiful sunny day.

3. The moment when Andrew gets home at night.

4. Breakfast.

5. Photos of last night to be uploaded and edited.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hawaii - Day 2: Pearl Harbor and Honolulu City Tour

I know it's been months since we got back from our Hawaii trip and that I haven't been posting frequently at all, but I thought now would be a good time to finish posting Hawaii photos.

And, rather than posting them one by one I grouped them all together to make only one upload.

These are from day 2, Friday, when we went to Pearl Harbor and on a city tour of Honolulu afterwords.

Andrew really liked Pearl Harbor and probably would have liked more time there. I'd been there before and to be honest wasn't too thrilled about going back, but it was one of his favorite things to see so that was good.

I'm sure you know the history. Basically, it is the result of Japan's attack which killed many people who were stationed in the harbor. The city tour included going ot Punch Bowl where many of those killed were laid to rest. The view from the top of the hill was amazing. You could see the entire city of Honolulu which, as our tour guide told us, was just plots of rice patties 60 years ago. Hard to believe, isn't it? So, yes, that was day 2.

My Memory? Apparently belongs here.

Andrew and I apparently have awful memories. Saturday he asked me what we did the previous weekend. I could not remember, neither of us could. That's pretty sad. When I was regularly writing here I could go back and look to see what we'd done so I'm thinking I need to get back into that habit. So here goes nothing.

Let's see, it's Monday and I am struggling to recall what we did Saturday. That's only two days ago. I know, it's sad.

Alright, Friday night: Ah yes, Friday night, exciting as always. Andrew's uncle came over like usual and needed help with his email. Andrew messed around with it for over an hour and that was about it. Like I said, exciting as always.

Saturday: We planned to go on a (small) hike in the morning but woke up to rain. After a while the sky cleared up a bit and we were on our way out the door when my grandparents arrived to pick up my dad to go to a car show/museum and we followed along. Basically it was a bunch of old cars which Andrew likes. Afterwords we went to the golf course close to our house and had lunch at their new restaurant. They of course had the Huskies game on which we (Andrew) just had to watch. They won in the last 7 seconds luckily because I don't think I could have sat through overtime. After lunch we came back home, didn't do much and went to get pizza for dinner. It seems like there was more, but I cannot remember. My gosh.

Sunday: We went back to the golf course where Andrew hit a bucket of balls at the driving range then we grabbed a few of those balls and went to the putting green to work on that. We came back and watched the rest of the Nascar race with my dad then watched the second half of the Seahawks game. They lost unfortunately. After the Hawks game we went outside to hit some golf balls in the field where I promptly got fed up because I just can't seem to hit the ball. We got out Andrew's mitts and played catch for a while which was a lot of fun. Until one of us throws the ball over the fence on accident... Then we got out the bat and played two person baseball for a little while which was fun too. I think it's something we might try to do a little more often. We came in and watched two episodes of Bones afterwords (Andrew got me the first three seasons on dvd for our anniversary) then made dinner.

Overall, not an overly exciting weekend, but it was fun for me. I love being able to spend that much time with Andrew and being able to do things we really want to do on our own schedule. Next weekend we have a private golf lesson scheduled (my anniversary gift to him) so that will be interesting being as I cannot even hit the ball. Guess I'll need to practice a bit so I don't look like a complete idiot!

Anyways, I think I will be back to posting somewhat regularly even if it is just to document my days. And yes, I realize no one really cares about what I do all day or during the weekends, but I'm not asking for readers or comments, although both are nice. I just need a place to document my memories.