Monday, June 15, 2009

A few things - Bullets Edition

  • I haven't posted lately
  • Andrew graduated college
  • I got a job
  • I am not really liking the new job
  • I keep telling myself "It's x-amount of dollars per day."
  • We leave for Hawaii Wednesday
  • This Wednesday
  • That's about 36 hours
  • Um, really?
  • It seems like we were just starting to plan
  • And tonight we were packing
  • I have still been skimming blogs, just not commenting
  • New job doesn't want me on internet
  • How dare them
  • Still check email and reader
  • Am hoping I'm not forgetting anything that needs to be packed
  • Underwear? Check. Bathing suits? Check. Beach towels? Check. 7 days worth of clothes? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Camera? Check. Flip video camera? Check. Toilettries and all that? Check. A few snacks for the plane? Check. Bit of a cold that I'm hoping packs it's bags within 36 hours? Check. Andrew's laptop (in his bag) to post some photos while we're there? Check (well, after he packs it up tomorrow night).
  • I think that's about it
  • Hope you all have been well and don't think I've left you totally high and dry

Thursday, June 4, 2009

4 Years Ago

4 years ago today we brought Boston home. The first photo was that day at his previous home and the second was taken by Andrew in April. He doesn't look to me like he's aged much, but I on the other hand. Hmmm. Maybe a little more use of moisturizer is an order.
When I first saw the ad for him on he was out of my price range by about $400. I kept looking at him though, he seemed to be just perfect. A week or two went by and I'd put him in the back of my mind knowing I couldn't afford him but I searched to see if he was still there. He was. And, his price had been reduced. I could suddenly afford him. I printed out the add, folded it up and put it in my back pocket. Later, I finally called on him. Someone else was coming to look at him the next day, but I really wanted him. We went that day. He was lovely. Friendly, easy to handle and easy to ride. I took him for a test ride where he was perfect. The topper? His mane. It was like silk. I was sold. He was sold. The next day Andrew's aunt and uncle came with me to get him since they were going to the livestock sale a few miles from where he was at and we brought him home. He was mine.
We don't know a whole lot about him except that he was a ranch horse in Montana and most likely was not treated well. It has taken him a long time to warm up to all of us, me included, but he truly is a love. He is my old faithful. He is my nephew's favorite and my all around kids or beginners horse. He loves to run. He loves people and attention. He, finally, loves me.
Happy four years of your new life Boston, there are many more to come.