Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap...From Weekend Before Last

You may have noticed that we have horses. And what do horses do after they eat? Well, I think you know the answer to this. It wouldn't be a problem if my horses could learn to step outside first. But, oh no. That would be far too much effort for them. Alas, I clean the stalls on Friday and Sundays. This particular weekend though it was gorgeous and I of course had my camera out so Andrew cleaned for me so I could take photos. He probably wasn't betting on me taking photos of him though. Then again, if he wasn't he should have known.
Anyways, here he is with his on lookers asking where dinner is.
And Star, as always with her head in the wheelbarrow "helping". Ha. And yes, she really does look that small, but she is only 3.
I really like this one. My human love in front and my horsey love in the background.
Molly was just so happy to have some sun I had to get this shot.
In addition to Andrew cleaning the stalls for me we got quite a bit done in preparation for the graduation celebration my parents are having for me next weekend (next weekend, I can't believe it). We have a flower garden that goes all the way along our driveway (you can see part of the rockery above and to the left of Molly) the needed to be edged and weeded so we got that done and some bark put in last weekend.
Things are coming together for the party and I'm busy finishing my last week of school. I have only today and tomorrow of regular classes then next Monday thru Wednesday for finals and that's it. Well, graduation that Saturday, but then that's it! I've also been sending out resumes so please keep your fingers crossed someone thinks I will be a good fit for their company. There are three in particular I'd really like to get so I am hoping for those.
Hope everyone has been doing well while I've been taking my little hiatus. I have a few photos for the photography blog as well and might even get those up today. Shocking!


  1. Wow!!! See, now that you look back, has this year not FLOWN by?! I remind you again of that post last fall on your first night back at school. And here you are days before graduation! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

    And wonderful pictures as always. Wasn't that too sweet, he took your place poop scoopin' What an amazing guy ;) lol

  2. You can tell how much time I spend with horses (none) because Star is SMALL?! Really?! She looks enormous to me!