Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Food Wednesday makes a comeback.

Post 92: 8 more times left to enter the contest. Prize: $10 Starbuck's giftcard.

Food Wednesday is making a return. Are you excited? I'm assuming your head is bobbing up and down right now, right? DISCLAIMER: Sorry to any vegetarians, but I am a meat eater...check back next week for another rousing edition of Food Wednesday! I love animals...we have a pet cow!
Anyways, for those of you who are also meat eaters and for anyone else who may happen to be on a New Year's Resolution Diet, yes is does require being in caps, here is a quick and easy way to cook a chicken breast that reduces any fat that may be on it as well as being very calorie friendly. There are actually only 220 calories in the average 8 ounce chicken breast. Now, the one in the picture is about 6.5 ounces but I just call in an even 8 since I tend to be a sauce dipper.
So, the only thing this really requires is a George Foreman Grill. Everyone has one of those, right? Well, if not you can always put it on a rack in a pan and broil it. Here is my lovely little grill, quite old too, but still works great!

On goes the chicken. I season with Johnny's Dock, black pepper, onion powder and garlic salt. Just toss it on and about 10 miniutes later cut into it to make sure it's fully cooked.

When fully cooked it should look something like this unless you broiled it, then I'm not really sure what it will look like, just make sure to check that it's done all the way through.

And viola! If you are on the New Year's Resolution Diet, here is lunch! If you're one of the lucky one's who doesn't need to drop a few pounds this would be super with some rice and corn or whatever your choice of sidedishes are.


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