Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back. Promise.

It's been almost two weeks since I've posted anything. And to be honest, and I know I haven't been at this blogging thing too long, it was kind of nice. And earlier today, I hit "mark all as read" in my google reader. All 160 posts. Done. Gone. A fresh start for the new year.

Now, I do realize that yes, the new year started 13 days ago, but since I just started back to school yesterday it's really just now sort of starting. 13 days in, I know.

So tomorrow, back to regular posts. Or as regular as mine have been. And to any of you whose blogs I normally comment on I'm sorry. It was just so overwhelming to have that many posts to go through. But tomorrow, back to normal. Oh, and I'm starting a new diet/exercise routine with a goal believe it or not and I'm sure I'll be swamping you with lots of useless information about it.

And the contest still is happening. The prize: a $10 giftcard to Starbucks. Again, I'll be drawing a name from anyone who comments between now and my 100th post. This is the 91st, so a little longer to go. Just a comment, it's that simple.

See you all tomorrow!

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