Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow, my gosh the snow.

My word we have been blasted with a freaking blizzard. We have over a foot at home and at least 9 inches at work in Seattle. It's nuts. It's stopped for now, but will be coming back for more tonight and through Christmas. Now don't get me wrong, I like the snow as much as the next person, but when it gets to be hard to walk in and accumulates half an inch on the half of the concrete pad in front of both the garage and barn I just got done shoveling while I'm working on the other half it gets to be ENOUGH. I always hope for a white Christmas, but as it stands we're cancelling Christmas Eve that we always have at my aunt's house and they definately won't be able to come to our house on Christmas day because you can't get up our road without four wheel drive. It's just peachy. The horses are over it, too I think. Dusty looked at me like I was crazy when he had to get out of his stall so I could clean it.

Can you see his pleading look? And behind him is Boston. Probably the first time he'd ventured out into the snow all week. Lord knows his stall showed it!
The mounds we have. It's ridiculous. Just walking to the fence the snow was almost up over my boots.
However, when they wandered over to Boston's side, the race was on. He looks pretty good for 24, doesn't he?
By the time they made it to the fence he was in the lead. (I love this picture, I think I'm going to have it printed.) 12 times her age and still has her beat.
And the sight that greeted me when I got to work. The truck on the end was uncovered yesterday. That was just from overnight.
If you can't tell, I'm totally ready for this to be done and over with. Hope you're staying warm and cozy and are ready for a wonderful holiday.

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