Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Creativeness is Overflowing

Can you see the creativeness overflowing here? I mean, really! I got a wild hair and have always wanted to make my own Christmas cards so thought about it last Wednesday and only ended up with 6. After an hour and a half! And well, that was it. I mailed four of them yestreday and it was so hard to choose which to send to who. Sooo, next year my plan is to you know, start a little earlier and have more than 6 made. Wouldn't that be a nice thought?!

So here are 4 of them. I wasn't too fond of the blue on the middle one, so ended up doing it in gold emboss and it turned out nicely the second time.

These were my two favorites.

I also liked the tree one. You can see the second run through with the gold emboss.

And, not so creative, but I liked it anyways. Andrew had been out shoveling and plowing snow most of the morning, hence the snowsuit, so I figured since he'd already had a long day I'd make him take one of my self portraits. He was thrilled!

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