Monday, July 28, 2008


Can I just take a moment to mention how gorgeous it is outside right now? Picture perfect blue sky dimpled with a few perfectly placed clouds, it's beautiful!

Anyways, happy Monday! The weekend, as always, went by quickly and was full of birthdays. Friday marked a good friend's son turing 5 and Leah's sister Courtney's daughter turning 1. Saturday was Koleden's party and Kyla's was on Sunday. Bad friend that I am, I opted out of the bouncy palace party, but Andrew and I went to Kyla's yesterday afternoon.

There were many people there which was expected since her parents have a large group of friends they do things with. I've known most of the group for a long time because Courtney and I grew up next-door from one another. There was always one girl who was just, well, I didn't like her at all. She was always quite rude, errogant and overall not a nice person. I really don't even think everyone in the group liked her, but she's still around and has become a bit more tollerable since those years ago. She was at the party yesterday and I've got to say, it was very rewarding to see her. She found someone and got married and she's having a baby in September. The one who was always condescending if someone wasn't built like a toothpick and who never, ever was going to have children is having one of her own. It was a beautiful sight. She was pleasant and all, but it was nice to see her a little more down-to-earth and in the same place her friends had been in while she judged them.

It must come off as a bit rude on my part, but she has always been this overly spoiled girl, going as far as to demanding to be in the bridal party at one friend's wedding (she was not). I am curious to see what kind of mother she will be and how her daughter will turn out.

Is that wrong of me?

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