Friday, June 18, 2010

The Diego Story

One Monday when I arrived at the apartment there was a little boy out taking is dog for a walk. Since this is a pet friendly place there are many dogs around and people out and about with them. His dog was really cute and was using the grassy area across from our garage so I went over to ask him what kind of dog he had.
Turned out that his dog was a long hair Dauschund. He was the cutest little guy and so friendly. The next day during my lunch break at work I looked online to see what sorts of dogs were available for adoption. I saw a couple that looked really nice, but the breed just didn't suit living in an apartment. Since we've moved in here I've started going for walks at night and Andrew didn't like me going alone so I thought getting a dog would be a splendid solution.

As I continued to browse I saw Diego. He was at a local animal shelter. I called and they said they had him still and that they'd had him for nine days. Now usually, I would have just jumped in the car after work and gone to pick him up but I didn't. Surprisingly I actually thought about it and talked about it with Andrew. What a concept! The next day, Wednesday, I looked online again to see if he was still on the site and he was. I could not wait until 2pm to call and let them know we'd be coming to see him that evening after work.

When I got to the animal shelter I had already filled out the adoption application and faxed it over so they let me right into see the available dogs. I, of course, wound up in the cat area. Not my cup of tea. Once I finally got to the dog area I walked in tentatively. I knew it was going to be so difficult to see all the dogs that needed homes and not want to take them all with me. Luckily, Diego was in the first kennel and he was the only one I saw. I walked in and saw him as he stood up and wagged his tail, trying to stick his nose out to sniff me and licked my hand when I put it down and turned right back around with his paperwork in hand. He was going to be mine and that was they way it was going to be.

They put Diego and I in a little room to get used to each other and a few minutes later Andrew arrived. He was a little skittish at first, but warmed up quickly. We got the paperwork done and he was ours! I stopped at Petco on the way to the apartment to get supplies for him. The little turkey isn't spoiled at all, he's got two beds, all the treats he could ever want (and he doesn't care for any of them, he's rather picky), chewies galore and all the love he could ever need.
He really is the best little guy and we are so happy and lucky to have found him.
You can be sure that you will be hearing much more about him and seeing many more photos!

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