Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Bullets

I know it's been a ridiculously long time since I've actually posted something remotely close to content and I have to excuse to share. So, before I try to sink my teeth in again, here are some bullets to get you up to date:

  • The job I had last July, got laid off after 6 weeks
  • It was fine with me as I wasn't liking it at all although really sucked that I had to start the job search again
  • Between July and October I pretty much hunted for a job so there wasn't a whole lot of good news to report to you for those months
  • July and August were two of the hottest months the Seattle area had seen in years - think 100 in Seattle for consecutive days - not cool, no pun intended, well maybe a little
  • FINALLY, after almost three months without work I got a job
  • Last Wednesday marked 8 months
  • I now am the office manager at a marketing/printing company in downtown Seattle
  • Liking it a lot - the people are great and the actual job isn't bad
  • Christmas came, Christmas went
  • Welcome, 2010
  • Andrew and I spent our Valentine's Day watching the Daytona 500
  • That is not happening again
  • Turned 24 in March
  • Am getting old
  • Around then Andrew and I were looking at houses and found one we really liked, I was hooked and wanted it so badly, it was lovely
  • Fast forward a few days and one of us changes our mind about buying a house
  • Pretty sure you can guess it wasn't me
  • March 31st, we sign a 1 year lease at an "estate" apartment/townhouse complex
  • 9.5 months to go
  • April 28, we get Diego
  • More to come on him soon
  • Memorial Day Weekend, we go to Las Vegas
  • Only lose $20 - not too shabby

So. There's the bullet edition of the last 11 months. How exciting. More detail to come on most topics soon! I know you are all, wait, is anyone actually still reading this?, on the edge of your seats!

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