Monday, September 21, 2009

My Memory? Apparently belongs here.

Andrew and I apparently have awful memories. Saturday he asked me what we did the previous weekend. I could not remember, neither of us could. That's pretty sad. When I was regularly writing here I could go back and look to see what we'd done so I'm thinking I need to get back into that habit. So here goes nothing.

Let's see, it's Monday and I am struggling to recall what we did Saturday. That's only two days ago. I know, it's sad.

Alright, Friday night: Ah yes, Friday night, exciting as always. Andrew's uncle came over like usual and needed help with his email. Andrew messed around with it for over an hour and that was about it. Like I said, exciting as always.

Saturday: We planned to go on a (small) hike in the morning but woke up to rain. After a while the sky cleared up a bit and we were on our way out the door when my grandparents arrived to pick up my dad to go to a car show/museum and we followed along. Basically it was a bunch of old cars which Andrew likes. Afterwords we went to the golf course close to our house and had lunch at their new restaurant. They of course had the Huskies game on which we (Andrew) just had to watch. They won in the last 7 seconds luckily because I don't think I could have sat through overtime. After lunch we came back home, didn't do much and went to get pizza for dinner. It seems like there was more, but I cannot remember. My gosh.

Sunday: We went back to the golf course where Andrew hit a bucket of balls at the driving range then we grabbed a few of those balls and went to the putting green to work on that. We came back and watched the rest of the Nascar race with my dad then watched the second half of the Seahawks game. They lost unfortunately. After the Hawks game we went outside to hit some golf balls in the field where I promptly got fed up because I just can't seem to hit the ball. We got out Andrew's mitts and played catch for a while which was a lot of fun. Until one of us throws the ball over the fence on accident... Then we got out the bat and played two person baseball for a little while which was fun too. I think it's something we might try to do a little more often. We came in and watched two episodes of Bones afterwords (Andrew got me the first three seasons on dvd for our anniversary) then made dinner.

Overall, not an overly exciting weekend, but it was fun for me. I love being able to spend that much time with Andrew and being able to do things we really want to do on our own schedule. Next weekend we have a private golf lesson scheduled (my anniversary gift to him) so that will be interesting being as I cannot even hit the ball. Guess I'll need to practice a bit so I don't look like a complete idiot!

Anyways, I think I will be back to posting somewhat regularly even if it is just to document my days. And yes, I realize no one really cares about what I do all day or during the weekends, but I'm not asking for readers or comments, although both are nice. I just need a place to document my memories.

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