Monday, April 13, 2009

To Cut or Not to Cut

Okay, I need your help. Here is my dilemma: I can't decide if I should cut my hair off again or not. Andrew really likes it short, but I am just not getting to the point where I can french braid it and put it in a real ponytail. So, I am posting some photos to help you help me make a decision. This is how Andrew really likes my hair:
It looks long, but it's cut up in the back. You can see it a bit in this photo:

It had grown out a bit, but was cut up as high as my hair would allow in the back. I really don't mind it like that, but I love my hair long. At least I am able to pull it up on the sides because it's left long there.
This next picture I hated. It was WAY too short. It was cut like this the end of August and I am just now (APRIL!) able to have a full ponytail. That's how short it was. Awful.
This was taken at Christmas and it had had a chance to grow out a bit. It was kind of the in between stage so wasn't too bad. I was just happy it was growing.
And this last picture was taken Saturday. Now, it doesn't look too great because it was raining, but it shows the length. (And my handsome boy.) As you can tell I tend to change color quite often... It will stay blonde for a while as I'm graduating (26 days!) and want to look like myself. You know?
Anyways, I need your help! Here are my dilemmas:
1. I like it long.
2. Andrew likes it short.
3. It takes less time to handle when it's short.
4. Short will be better in Hawaii as it will dry faster and be easier for getting in and out of the water.
5. Andrew made the point that when in Hawaii I'd be able to put it in a ponytail if I don't cut it.
6. Either way I'll be able to pull it up, even if I do cut it.
7. I really like the look when it's cut up in the back.
8. The shorter in the back the more access for Andrew to kiss my neck (swoon).
9. This is kind of my biggest reason...We have an intended wedding date of July 23, 2011. If I cut it now I can let it grow out from here. Because I know if I don't do it now I'm going to want to do it later then I will be really pissed if it's not as long as I want it by our wedding date.
I know that last reason sounds pretty dumb, but that's the way I think!
So, what would you do? Would you cut it and get a really cute haircut (and really make your boyfriend happy), or let it continue to grow?
I need your help!


  1. I think it is really cute either way. I would keep it longer if it were me...says the girl with hair down to her butt...I'm donating to Locks of Love...SOON! But I'll still keep mine well below my shoulders. Short hair looks terrible on me though. You can do short so well. I live with mine in a ponytail too. How long do you want it for the wedding? My advice (since that is two years away) is to make sure you are still trimming it every few months while you're growing it out for the wedding. Mine's been growing over two years (without trimming) and it is VERY broken. Split ends everywhere, a million different lengths. And it takes forever to deal with even though it is thin.

  2. Hey, another Locks of Love donor commented! SHE STOLE MY THUNDER!

    I'm lucky in that both Donald and I prefer my hair long. So I grow it out and once a year I chop off 12 inches and donate to Locks of Love. (My hair grows ridiculously fast).

    If I were you, I'd grow it out a little while. I'm sure you can always get a haircut in Hawaii if you don't like it or change your mind. And you never know, maybe Andrew will end up liking it long too.

  3. I know this really isnt a vote for or against, but as Dianna's boyfriend, I just want to say that I will love her no matter how long her hair is. As long as she is happy with her hair, I am happy. Sounds pretty political huh???.....but it is true!

  4. Hi.
    I'm a hairstylist and salon owner. Honestly your lucky that you have a guy who notices such details as your hair. In the end its nice to dating someone who actually has an opinion and can affirm your beauty isn't it? Not that it matters but this expert agrees with you squeeze and says the a-line bob suits your pretty face and features better than the long hair. What ever you do let the bangs or fringe grow longer. The shorter bangs are not a flattering look on square face shapes. A side part and swept slash will lends some asymetry.