Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've mentioned that I'm doing the 30 Day Shred, and man, it is hard. I did level two tonight for the first time and had to stop 2/3 of the way through and finish with 1/3 of level one. Oh well, it's done so that's all that matters.

Anyways, I've found a way to motivate myself. I've been wanting some smelly shower stuff for a while now and have been too cheap to buy any... Well, Victoria's Secret, one of my favorite stores, always does the 5 for $30 on bath stuff so I went ahead and got items in the Love Spell scent as that's the perfume I wear. I got hand cream, body butter, body mist, shower gel and body lotion. Mmmm!

So my plan is this: If I exercise the night before and the morning of I can use the good smelling stuff. If I don't, then just soap. It's weird, I know, but it will work for me.

My other motivation is hanging on the wall in my pantry/walk in closet (I live in a dorm apartment, hence the combination). What is it you ask? A bikini. I know, I know. The girl who needs to lose 20 pounds to even contemplate fitting into a bikini is going to use that as motivation. Well, I'm telling you. It's going to work.

To prove it to you, I'm going to post my weight and measurements here on Mondays. While it is going to be overly embarrassing to begin with because my weight is higher than I'd like it to be, but it will be another motivator. I'm all for them!

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