Thursday, January 29, 2009


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Another reason I've been a little out-of-touch lately? Planning a trip. It's hard!

We are lucky enough to have basically free tickets so that is cutting out cost down quite a bit. I may have posted back in September that Andrew and I were going to Palm Springs with the CPA firm he works for. Well, because of the economy the trip got called off, but the tickets had already been purchased so we pretty much have a free flight wherever we want to go.

Since we went to the east coast in August to see Yankee Stadium as it was closing after last season and we heard that Fenway Park was being torn down after this season we decided on Boston. We were about to book the tickets last weekend, but thankfully looked first to make sure it really was the last season since we'd heard it through the rumor mill. Turns out it's not closing for a long time.

Then we were thinking of Orlando. I really want to swim with the dolphins and they're aren't too many places that that can be done. Andrew knew I really wanted to go so we began planning out trip there. It was so expensive for the dolphin swim! I remembered that when I was in Hawaii a few years ago I went to a place called Sea Life Park which was an awesome park and they offer swimming with the dolphins. I was too cheap to do it the last time, but as it turns out it's $270 cheaper to do it on Oahu then in Orlando.

So, we're going to Hawaii! In addition to just the swim being cheaper, going to Orlando we would have had to pay about $80 each that went over the value of the ticket plus the $100 change fee. For Oahu, we only go over by $.21! So, we are both paying $100.21 for a round trip ticket! I'm trying to convince Andrew to use some of our air miles so we can upgrade one way to first class. Preferably going home so we can end the trip on a high note. We'll see. It takes 15,000 miles one way to upgrade. We both already have miles accumulated, but both just signed up for an upgrade to our credit cards that give us a 20,000 bonus for signing up. So really, that gives us our 15,000 plus and additional 5,000 left over.

Anyways, now that you know our mileage situation, I'll be filling in more of the details as we plan them through the coming weeks. We leave on June 17th and return on the 24th, so have a bit of time between now and then as you may have noticed from the ticker on the sidebar.

We're both really excited and are having fun planning excursions for our graduation gift to ourselves. Tickets and the hotel room (2 blocks from Waikiki Beach!) will be booked this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for 1st class!

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  1. Have you considered wild dolphins? Hawaii is one of only five places in the world with wild dolphins that are trained or fed, but have become used to humans by their own accord. Check out on Oahu for one of the most respectful operators. I think its less expensive than Sea Life Park.