Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowing in Seattle

So it's snowing in Seattle. Pretty hard too. We live about 23 miles south east and usually get much more than at work, but not today. The dispatcher can't make it in until it gets light so that means that I'm here waiting for the phone to ring. We have about 4 inches here at sea level and the same at home. The whole last week has been blizzrd-like conditions, for the Seattle area at least. 20 degrees during the day, about 11 at night. I know for you Canadians or Northeasterners that's not too cold, but to us in the PNW, it's freezing!

I do have some pictures to post from Saturday when Andrew and I got our Christmas tree that I will put up later in the day.

Here are a few that I just took about half an hour ago and it's still coming down.

You can see that the trucks are all covered above, and how deep in my footprints are. I wish I would have pulled my camera out before I walked across it because it looked like this beautiful, fluffy white blanket.

Hope you're staying warm wherever you may be.

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