Thursday, November 20, 2008

Failed...and Stockings!

I haven't mentioned it here before and was actually going to start talking about it yesterday for Food Wednesday, but I had to stop because I'm sick and broke down to have some chicken noodle soup.

What was it that I failed? Well it was a thing called a cleanse. You may have heard of them, to be honest I had but didn't have a clue as to what they were. Well, Andrew got me this one because at the time he ordered it I was working out everyday and motivated to lose a few pounds. I started what I thought was a 9 day cleanse on Monday, but didn't read well enough so Tuesday when I was looking again to see what I could eat Wednesday I realized that what I'd been doing for two days were just pre-cleanse days! I still had 9 days in front of me so instead of ending Tuesday, the last day would actually be Thanksgiving! I was okay with it, but yesterday my throat was so sore I broke down and had some chicken noodle soup. It tasted so good!

So basically the cleanse goes like this: Pre cleanse days, days 1 and 2 you can have 1 "shake" in the morning, a sensible 4-600 calorie meal, then another "shake" for dinner. I say "shake" because it's basically some supposedly chocolate powder that you mix with water. Nothing like chocolate expect that it's brown! Let's see, the cleanse days, the 3rd and 4th days you are supposed to have liquids only. Now, had it just been lots of water I could have done it, but you're supposed to mix this highly concentrated stuff that's supposed to taste like berry's (ha!) with water 4 times a day. It was so acidic I did two doses and that's all I could get down. It's supposed to go on for 7 more days, but I gave up. I might try again when I'm not sick, but it's going to be hard.

I just feel so bad because Andrew had good intentions when he ordered and gave it to me and he paid a lot of money for it. I already know I failed, but I feel like I let him down as well. We've talked about it and he is totally supportive of my stopping especially when I'm sick and says he's proud of me that I did it for 3 days, but I just still feel like a total failure.

Well, I was going to talk about stocking today, but think I'm going to wait until Tuesday for that. I'm off to take some more cold medicine and hope this goes away by tomorrow.


  1. Aww, don't beat yourself up. What a sweet guy you have too! I hope you feel better soon. I do the same thing with liquid medicines! After all that headache, I never did get those chewables. We're stuck with liquid again + bubblegum flavor this time.