Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buying into The Hype

I was at Target yesterday and was in the entertainment section (books, movies, music, dvds, etc.) and saw this book:

I had only heard of it from other bloggers and many people on Twitter who claim they can't put it down. Then Friday when I saw my neighbor she asked me if I'd read it yet. When I said no she was shocked because I'm always reading the lastest book. She was on chapter 4 at that time and said she didn't want to put it down either. It is set in our home state of Washington so that should make it interesting. So yesterday, I saw it and bought it without having a clue as to the story line or anything. I'm on page 10, so we'll see how it goes.

Have you read Twilight, are you reading it now? Have you even heard of it? I hadn't until I'd read about it from others. I'll be doing a review when I finish it so there will be some vampire stories to share!

Come back tomorrow to hear about the crazy thing I'm doing to myself for 9 days!

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