Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just, sigh (in a good way)!

You may remember this post that I wrote a little while ago after Andrew had come down here for a visit. Well guess who came down again yesterday evening?! I know, how great is he? I just, I don't even think I can put together the words to accurately describe how much I love him. He is amazing and I wish that you all could meet him and find out for yourself how great he is. Yes, all of you, even you. You'd love him, I sure as hell know I do.
Why you may ask? Well here are a few reasons:
He comes all the way down here and doesn't complain when my roommate and I want him to play the Wii Fitness to see what his age is. (Unfortunately for us, he is a year younger than he actually is...we are both 6-8 years older than we actually are. We suck, I know.)

He sleeps with me in my little twin bed when he's here and although neither of us sleep well and he has two ridiculously long classes to go to today, on top of driving back up, he still holds me all night long. And, he gets ready (without complaining at all) in our tiny little bathroom area. (While his girlfriend takes pictures of him for her blog...)

He hasn't gotten tired (and if he has, he hasn't mentioned it) of all the self portraits I take of us. Seriously, a lot. But I love them all. I think I'm so obsessed because during the first 5 months of our relationship we were never in a photo together, weird right? Anyways, although I 9 times out of 10 cut off his hair, he still puts up with it and always smiles. Doesn't he have a great smile?
And then, even after a few self portraits, he'll take another one.
I just, my gosh I can't even explain what I feel for this man. He is everything I have ever wanted and I am so lucky to be with him.
Thank you so much for coming down here baby, it means the world to me when you do...(and sorry you didn't get all your reading done...). I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Loves!

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  1. Ohhh! I do love him, too! He's ceeeeeute! And, he sleeps in your twin bed with you!?!? Hahahaha! That's so sweeeeet!