Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

I mentioned in yesterday's post that today I'd be posting how to carve the purfect pumpkin, so as promised here it is:
First, go to a pumpkin patch or your local grocery store if you're short on time and pick your pumpkin!

Second, figure out which ones you want to carve. Mine on the right, Andrew's on the left. You'll see in a few pictures why you'll want to go with an orange one rather than one with too much green.
Second step, part 2: Pose with your pumpkin!

Third, figure out what you want your carving to look like and get the appropriate utensils. This is the stencil I chose.

Fourth, cut the top off your pumpkin.

Fourth step, Part 2: Let you dog take a chew. Molly likes pumpkin, who knew?
Fifth, take the guts out!

Fifth step, Part 2: Keep a smile on your face while gutting although it's 36 degrees out and you're freezing!

Sixth, carve away. We froze enough Saturday night and ended up only starting the carving process. It was about 25 degrees warmer the next morning, much better! The problem with a green pumpkin is that the walls are so thick it makses it very difficult to get all the way through to pop the pieces out which took a little while.

Sixth step, Part 2: Pose with your half carved pumpkins!

Here they are all done!
Seventh step: Put a candle in them and take pictures!
This is my mom's jack-o-lantern.
Andrew's Happy Halloween.
And my window.

So there you are, our tips to pumpkin carving!
(Oh, my last tip is buy the kit with the knives that look the most industrial. The ones that came with the sencils broke right off the handle after my first window pane. Luckily we'd gotten an extra kit!)

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