Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap...With Lots of Pictures!!!

Hello! How was your weekend?
Mine was pretty great. Andrew and I went to get our pumpkins and to a corn maze Saturday afternoon (and so did everyone else within a 10 mile radius it seemed!) and had a lot of fun.

Here is the entrance to one of the mazes. There were actually 2 of them! The one we did was 2.3 miles and the other was 2 miles. It took as about an hour to wind around and get all the punches!

My fearless leader!

I thought this was a really pretty shot and shows how tall the corn was!

Here we are in the maze...and still smiling! It was getting pretty long towards the end!

Andrew getting a punch at the second stop.

Me too!

Picking our pumpkins!

Andrew hauling off our loot!

Cleaning away! It was 10:30 and about 36 degrees out when we started...cold!
Luckily they didn't seem to have too many guts!
We eventually had to go in because we were freezing and finished Sunday morning!

Our finished products! Andrew's on the left, mine on the right.

Saturday afternoon we went down to check out Andrew's blading he'd done on the bulldozer a few weekends ago. He did a pretty good job!

Oreo came down with us and got some beer!

Andrew looking handsome as always.

Oreo and I posing.

This is the lone maple tree in the pasture. I just thought this would be a pretty picture.

So, this was out weekend, at least what I thought were the highlights!

Check back tomorrow for a post about how to 'properly' clean and carve your pumpkin!

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  1. I've ALWAYS wanted to do one of these maze things! how fun!!