Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap


How was your weekend, did you do anything exciting?

Mine wasn't nearly as nice as the last. Andrew and his brother had to go to visit their parents before their school starts Wednesday who live in Spokane (for those of you not familiar with Washington, it's about 400 miles east of Seattle) and help put down their new flooring in the kitchen so that was a bummer. I guess this was the better weekend to go because Saturday was miserable. It was raining and quite ugly all day.

Sunday was a little drier at least, so that was nice. My mom and I went shopping and got some things for my aunt's birthday later this week and we got a great deal on some of the heavy duty decorated gift boxes that were 50% off. I always love a good deal! I also found some Halloween window clings at the same store that I got to put on my window here at school, but after I showed my mom she really liked them so we put them on the big window in the door at home. I'll pick up some more for myself later today when I go to Target. (I love Target, it may be the best store ever!)

When we got back and unloaded everything I went out and filled the water troughs, cleaned the stalls and few everyone. When that was done some friends of my parents were over, Andrew's aunt and uncle actually, and we had a little fire outside. Next weekend we are going to light off the big stump pile so that will be a little larger!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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