Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Question!

Good Morning, Happy Friday!

We're going to do a question this week:

If you could be one profession, whatever you'd like, for one day and suddenly be imparted with the knowledge from years of training, etc. for it what would you want to do/be?

I think I would want to be a marine biologist. Okay, really a dolphin trainer or someone who works with them. Why? Because I have always loved dolphins, whales, seals, all the sea life creatures. (Odd, because I really don't like water or swimming.) I would love to become a marine biologist, but I can't wrap my mind around the things taught in biology classes...that's kind of a big thing to know! Even in my advanced biology class in college, I did horrible. There went any ideas of being a large animal vet or a dolphin trainer!

So, what would you want to do for a day?!

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I would love to be a ballerina! Apparently, I'm still a 4 year old inside :)