Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap


How was your weekend, did you do anything exciting? Did you complete the Friday Challenge? My word, Andrew and I sure did.

Friday evening when I got home I saddled up Star (she's bigger now as this picture was when she was 18 months and she is 28 months now) and got on while Andrew held her. She did great for only being her second time with a person on her back. Just stood there and wanted dinner. Saturday Andrew had to go help his uncle for a few hours in the morning dig a ditch to run wire from their house to a little cabin on their property. When he came back we thought about going to a movie, but really there isn't anything good out, so instead we used these:

It's an old picture once again, but they look the same! I was on the trackhoe digging up stumps and loading them into the backhoe (on the left) that Andrew was driving and he took them up to the pile we will burn when it starts to rain. My dad was on the bulldozer coming behind us leveling out the holes the stumps leave. Afterwords, dad and Andrew cut some rounds from some down trees and loaded them into the truck.

This picture was actually weekend before last. This wood was cut up for our neighbors. My dad on the left, neighbor Dean and Andrew posing with their load!

We had nothing much to do Sunday as again, no good movies or anything like that. We were thinking about a hike or going to a near by lake for a swim, but thought it would be nice to get the wood split and out of the truck so we could get another load. We ended up splitting and stacking the entire truck load in about 3 hours. Not too bad!

This picture is again from last weekend, but at our neighbor's house. Andrew likes to split wood the old fashioned way while I prefer to use the log splitter. Put a round of wood on the platform, push the lever and 2 seconds later it's in half. Just my style!
After all the wood was stacked and split we all got on our respective machines and brought up a few more stumps and got more wood loaded into the truck. Probably two more loads and the woodshed will be full again.

So that was our weekend, busy, but nice. This was Andrew's second to last weekend before school starts for him and next weekend he has to go to Spokane to see his parents so it was nice for us to have time to do what we wanted to do, and we got alot accomplished. Together, which I love.

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