Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Animal Profile #2 - Dusty

This is Dusty. He is a 24 year young registered Quarter Horse. We've had him now for over 12 years which is really hard to believe! He'a always been a challenge for me, pushing any buttons he can to frustrate me or to ge me off his back. Through all this, and as he's gotten older, he doesn't try to test me as much which is a little sad because I know it means he's getting older, but at the same time I really don't mind being able to go for a ride without any fights! He is still my favorite horse to ride, my old man, and I love him dearly.
Last summer, grazing away.
On a ride.
Working in the arena. (I was about 30 pounds heavier here, but I still love this picture.)
After a winter ride. He's a little shaggy here!
Grazing away again.
Me and my old man.

My neighbor got a Nikon camera a few months ago and now that she's had a chance to leanr how to use it, I'm going to ask her to take some portraits of us. Well, all the horses really. I have lots of pictures of them all out in the pastures, but the only ones of me in them are my self portraits...as you can see I tend to always cut one of us out!

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