Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap

Good Morning!

How was your weekend?
Mine was pretty good actually. We had a bbq at our house Friday night, Andrew and I went to a bbq for his best friend that got in town a few days ago after being at sea for 6 months Saturday afternoon, and then we had another bbq last night at our neighbor's house. It was a weekend full of food! Just the way I like it! It was also full of wood cutting, holy cow, there was a lot of that going on! My dad, Andrew and our neighbor Dean cut up a truckload of rounds for them for winter. I got a really great shot of it, so will have to post it later.
The only downfall was that Friday afternoon Sage cornered Dusty (my most dominant it happened is beyond me) and kicked his leg down to the tendon. Luckily my vet was already there floating Boston's teeth and helped me get him fixed up. He now needs medication, his favorite thing, once a day for 2 weeks and for his leg to be rinsed, cleaned and an iodine solution applied everyday until it heals. Great. So, this was the deciding factor for Sage. We've only had her a year and were comtemplating selling her anyway because as much as I work with her she really isn't very nice and this was just the last straw. She is not welcome if she is going to hurt others.
Anyways, here are a few photos. I would have more, but they are on Andrew's iPhone and I didn't have time to download them last night.
These are my neighbor's kids, Koleden and Addison, after coloring themselves with sidewalk chalk. Notice Andrew in the background putting together one of those big propane stand up heaters. He was thrilled to get to do that!
This is the sunrise as I was leaving this morning. It would have been much better had I been able to find my camera in my purse and not have to run back into the house thinking it was there. It was absolutely gorgeous a few minutes earlier with streaks of red. Stunning.

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