Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Challenge

Even though I've been slacking a bit, I've come up with a challenge for you today.

I guess it mostly pertains to me, but maybe you can do it too:
Make up with someone.

Do you have someone you haven't spoken to in a while because of a disagreement or whatnot that occurred ages ago?

Do you have someone you've just lost contact with?
Call them. Email them. Get in touch again. Re-kindle your friendship.

I need to start with myself. Andrew and I agreed this morning, a few minutes ago actually, that after tonight we're not going to argue like we have been anymore.

Might sound like it can't happen because who doesn't argue, right? But we've been arguing about insanely stupid things lately and we need to get over and beyond it.

That's my challenge for the week. Are you up to it?

Have a wonderfun weekend!

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