Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap in Pictures!

I took my own challenge on Sunday, mostly because I forgot Saturday...whoops!
So here are some of the pictures from yesterday:
Andrew working on his car.
Molly relaxing in the sunshine.
My neighbor Leah dropped the kids of for a little while so she could get the yard mowed so we had the kids for a while. Here they are visiting Star.
Andrew hoisting Koleden up to wash the roof.
Addison having her hand at washing.
Playing with the bubbles!
The kids being kids playing in the gravel. The were quite filthy afterwords, but hey, we were sending them back in a few hours!
Andrew fixing the fence that Star knocked off.
Everyone grazing.
Andrew practicing his golf swing.
Us taking a break in the grass.
My dad and I.
Andrew's first attempt at running the bulldozer.
Getting a few extra instructions.
Last photo of the evening. Then the camera battery died...In all fairness I had just taken two three minute videos so it had good reason!
Anyways, the weekend was pretty great really. The weather was wonderful for the most part and I was able to fit in a ride Saturday afternoon.
Hope yours was just as nice!

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