Monday, August 11, 2008

Part 2 of many (many) pictures - New Jersey

I suppose the title is a bit misleading since I don't really have too many pictures of tourist things in New Jersey, rather just the town where we stayed. Neighbors of mine have a home in NJ and they generously let us stay with them. They have a beautiful home and it was like staying at a resort. We loved it! This is in the town square. It just struck me as a great angle for a photo.
Also in the town square, the local cafe.
This is the backyard and a fraction of the gorgous flowers they have planted. It seriously is the definition of a manicured yard.

The pool! Our saving grace on those hot days!

Two of the boys! Our friends have 3 Pomeranians who are adorable.
Us in the pool!

The town is full of old houses, the one we were staying in just turned 100, but this was by far our favorite of the ones we saw when we were walking around. It was just gorgeous. A pale yellow with dark trim, the white boarder for the wrap round deck and lovely yard. We decided we could easily live there!This house was built in 1870 and was the train station for the town.

I loved this shot!

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