Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is it in You? The urge to golf that is.

I've never, ever had the desire to golf. Have you?

Andrew is suddenly trying to become a golfer. He's actually not too bad really. I'm not quite sure why he seems to enjoy it now, but alas.

I took these pictures, really a video, a few weeks ago. You may notice, besides the awesome golf swings, the fence posts just standing down there. I'm happy to say that there is now a completed fence there and it looks quite nice!

I guess the reason I can't get too interested in the sport is that I really don't want to chase a ball around the course. Although many of the courses are beautiful, I'd much rather enjoy a good book.

So, here is Andrew swinging away. Keep in mind that these pictures were taken from a video so they're not that clear, but better than nothing!
My neighbor Leah.
Andrew again.
So, are you a golfer...is it in you?!

1 comment:

  1. Never been interested. It seems like a frustrating sport, chasing a little ball around a great big course.