Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am waiting rather impatiently for 10am to roll around. Why you may ask. Because I am going to meet with my advisor to hopefully be told what I already know: I'm enrolled in the classes I need to be for the semester, that the remaining classes I need will be offered next semester and that I am on track to graduate in the spring.

We went over this in April when we figured out what classes I needed to take this semester and I took the online summer class I needed (or else I would have been 1 credit shy of graduating) and we established which classes I needed to take in the spring, but still.

I want to cross off the classes I completed last semester and the summer one so I can physically see the ones I have left to take. I'm weird I know, but I want to absolutely guarantee that I will graduate on May 9th, 2009!

There shouldn't really be any question because I have 94 credits completed, and enrolled for 18 this semester which equals 112 leaving 16 needed to come to the 128 required to graduate. Makes sense, right? Let's hope so. I'll post an update to if I'm correct and on track or not. Please keep your fingers crossed! Thank you!

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