Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food Wednesday: The Artery Clogger

Happy Food Wednesday, fellow chowhounds.

Today we are going to build the ultimate cheeseburger. Oh yes we are. I am chanelling my inner Pioneer Woman and have documented the process for you with a ridiculous amount of photos. Didn't want anyone to miss out on the deliciousness!

So, let's get cooking!

First, pop your fries in the oven. My technique for this was covered last Wednesday.
Find your buns, baby.

Squish away. Yes, I do wear gloves. Can't stand the feeling of raw meat. Ick.

Time to turn up the heat.

As your burger begins to sizzle start to fry up some bacon. While this is far too much for one burger, it won't go to waste!

Don't forget to season that burger.

We had an avacado on hand so that got nominated as a topping.

It was getting a little ripe to be used for much else.

About now your bacon should be starting to smell lovely and get a nice color.

Burger, too!

Condiment time...mayonaise, mustard and ketchup. The 'ol standbys.

If anyone doesn't love this photo...boy oh boy.

Alright, now we get down to business. Top the burger with a slice of your favorite cheese...

Fry up an egg. In the bacon grease. I know, I know...

Place your avocado slices on the bottom half of the bun...

Then bring in the good stuff...

And the burger, of course...
Lay on the crowning layer...
Top it off with top bun and fries...
And watch your boyfriend try to take a bite! From what I heard it was pretty darn good!

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