Monday, August 24, 2009

Changing - A Dose of Fabulous needs a new name

I want to change the name and URL of this blog. I think the reason I have not been posting is because it just doesn't fit anymore. I've been writing here for over a year. When I first started I had something totally different in mind which you'll see if you go to the first dozen or so entries. It was to be the daily dose of fabulous where I would post something each day: shoes, a quote, photo, etc., then it just became about me. I suppose I really wanted a blog that was about me, and Andrew of course so I could document our lives and look back when neither of us can remember what we did last weekend. As you can see I just haven't been posting. I just haven't been feeling it. Sure, I do have things in my mind I want to write about, but this just doesn't seem right now. It needs a new name, a new look, a face lift. I did the new look a few months ago, but didn't know I could change the name then. Had I actually clicked on the settings tab I would have known that, but alas. So, this is where you may come in, help me come up with a new name. Something that fits this place. If you've read more than 5 posts here you'll know what I'm about and a bit of who I am. This blog needs a new name. Help me come up with one.

1 comment:

  1. The story of us?

    Is that cheesy? I always liked that movie :) umm Just another day in paradise? I'll keep thinking :)