Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I like mail. The "real" kind. While e-mail is lovely I like the old fashioned letter-in-an-envelope kind. Both sending and receiving. Because of this, I tend to send Andrew quite a few cards and packages. Yes, I know that we are only 65 miles apart and see each other every weekend, but it's something I like to do and it's fun for him too. Generally he gets an item a week.

I kind of figured that, you know, since I am always sending him something that he'd take the hint and pick up a card to send me. Ahem. Now I do realize that he is busy with school and doesn't have a post office as accessible as I do, but come on. It takes what, 5 minutes to buy, write in and send a card? Right.

So, being the lovely girlfriend I am in the envelope I sent him a few weeks ago were two 99 cent cards, stamps attached. Too obvious? Well, that's me.

I was waiting patienty for something, anything to show up in my mailbox and finally last Friday when I checked as I was rushing out to go to class there it was. A card!

He was very cute about it, too. As a joke he had written Mrs. Dianna (his last name with a line through it) (my last name). Just that totally made my day. His message inside topped it all off and had me smiling for quite a while.

Even though he isn't overly good with this kind of thing, I know he's working on it and I so appreciate it. I love just the small things. Well, the big things, too. But it's the little things that show that he took an extra minute and was thinking about me that I really treasure.

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