Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I need your help, Internets!

I know I'm really just starting out here with this little blog, but I would really like to find a host that is FREE(!) where I can reply to any comments that are left.

I always feel bad when I can't and when I comment on other blogs I like to get a reply. I just think it makes it a little more personal.

So, who do you use for your blog, even if not free? Is it working out for you and easy to use? I'm all about the easiness over here in my little square foot of the Internet!

Thanks in advance for your help!


  1. I think most people would suggest Wordpress, but I don't know the pricing info and I don't know how you respond to comments, admittedly. I use Typepad Pro, which does cost money but they have other packages that don't (I believe), and I think you can easily reply to comments. You just hit reply when the comment comes into your inbox and it responds to the commenter's email address (at least the Pro account does).

  2. You can still reply to comments with blogger if you get "Haloscan." You install it right into your blog. It's a different kind of commenting system. I think it will give you what you need. :) Other than that the only other free host is Wordpress, which I use (but I host it on another platform -- so you don't see "Wordpress" in the site address. Blogger is great, though. Maybe try haloscan, and see if that's the answer. :)

  3. Okay, thank you both! I think I downloaded and correctly uploaded Haloscan to my blog. We'll see if it works! Thanks again!