Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I tried to write about this last Thursday and got a little, okay a lot sidetracked talking about the cleanse I attempted to do, but I'm focused now!

I am a stocking lover. I love finding little things to put in them and I especially love the little things that are in mine! The picture is the one I made for Andrew last weekend. I keep finding things to stuff in, so hopefully it'll stretch a bit. And everything is wrapped so he has a lot of things to open!
So, why am I showing you a picture and rambling on? Well, I do have a point. Amazing, I know. I want to know what some of the things you either like to get in yours or like to put in others' are. Do you have any must haves? I think our only tradition with them is that we always put something stuffed on top. I really don't know why...
Here are a few things I like to put in:
-Nail clippers (seems people can never find theirs)
-Small trinkets (I like little things that say words on them, like trust, hope, love, etc.)
-Knives (specialty ones) or somewhat pricey kitchen utensils the recipient wouldn't buy for themselves.
Pretty much anything, just little stuff. What about you?

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