Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day! And a Happy Birthday.

First, it's
Election Day, PLEASE VOTE.
Second, today is my adopted neice's (she's my neighbor of 20 years' daughter) 2nd birthday! So, I'm posting some sort of a timeline in pictures!
Here is little Addison at 5 months old with her big brother Koleden.
Then with me (notice the long hair, gosh I miss that) at 7 months.
And little chubby cheeks at 8 months. This was towards the end of 2007 sometime, I'm going to guess she's about a year or a little more here.
I don't remember when this one was exactly, I think around May putting her about 18 months. Not sure what happened to all my pictures between 1 and 1.5...
Taken in August, driving the tractor.
Same day, now gardening!
This was taken the end of September when Andrew and I had them for the day.
Helping Andrew wash his car.
Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl. I can't believe you're two already.
Again, if you do nothing else today, please make your opinion heard and vote.

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