Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Re-Cap

Hi there, how was your weekend? Mine started out pretty busy then tapered off a bit, which was fine.
So, Friday I came home and looked down into the pasture and there was a coyote just hanging out under a tree watching the animals. When I got out of the car it moved, but layed down again just a little further away from where I was. You can see it through the fence to the right of the tree.
Here is Dusty staring it down. If you can see the little gray blob between the tree and the big stump, that's it.
Me and Star. She's going to be 2.5 years old in 3's crazy how time flies! My arm wasn't quite long enough to get all of her head in, but it's a lot better than usual! She is such a personable little thing. When I hopped over the fence to get a shot of the coyote she was following me all over.Saturday: the birthday party! My mom and I spent all Friday cleaning, cooking and getting ready for the party. We have a lot of October birthdays! My grandparent's oldest friend, Art in the gray vest, Daniel (Andrew's brother) in the black, Mike (Andrew and Daniels's uncle), Andrew, and my dad. (Do you think my dad may like Andrew, with the arm-on-shoulder rest?)
My dad and Uncle Craig.
Mike being Kung-Fu Fighter!
Andrew and I.
Sunday was pretty much sending everyone off with left over food and studying for my public finance exam that was this morning. Andrew left early Sunday afternoon as well because he had an accounting exam this morning. Oh, the fun of college!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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