Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am...

Part 1
..afraid of spiders, snakes and rats.
..the girl who never lost her love for horses. only child.
..craving a brownie - again.
..smarter than I let myself believe.
..learning how to believe in myself. love with the most amazing man I've ever met.
..sercetly planning my wedding (shhh...don't tell anyone!).
..going to be a college graduate on May 9, 2009.
..really trying to be good and exercise in anticipation of our vacation, but it's REALLY hard.
..going on vacation in 6 weeks.
..not a big fan of water.
..however, a big fan of dolphins.
..intimidated by someone prettier than me.
..not one to ever let anyone know that.
..addicted to ebay.
..not always sure what to blog about.
..not a lover of coffee, but still like to go to Starbucks.
..waiting until 11:50 to leave for class.
..thinking about what I want for lunch: sandwich or brownie.
..thinking I'll probably opt for the sandwich, my hips are thanking me already.
..waiting to hear from the most amazing man I've ever met.
..hoping he's not upset with me.
..excited for Friday.
..hoping we do something fun this weekend.
..listening to the wind blow outside.

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