Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It seems that many people have a fear of the number 13.

Are you one of them?

I love the number, and honestly I look forward to those months that include a Friday the 13th. I really don't know why that tradition started and can't for the life of me understand why tall buildings leave it out. I guess I feel a little left out because it also happens to be my birthdate.

I was sitting here thinking that 5 months ago it was my birthday and in 7 short months it will occur again. Time has just zipped by. It seems like yesterday, cheesy line I know, that I was sitting in a restaurant having dinner with family and friends and suddenly hello! it's August.

7 months from now, it will be my birthday and also (the better part of it) I will have less than 2 months left of school before I complete my degree. Amazing. On one hand it feels like school has drug on for ages, but on the other, it's a bit scary. What the heck am I going to be doing in 10 months? Sheesh, that puts a lot of pressure on a girl! Time will tell I suppose.

Happy Wednesday, the 13th! Don't let any black cats cross your path!


  1. Happy 13th! I don't mind the number 13, and I love black cats! ;)

  2. Fear of 13 is nonsense. I like the number 13. I just don't walk under ladders.